Cylinder Pipe

    Description: skived and roller-burnished (SRB) or honed seamless tube for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.
    Material: cold-drawn or hot-rolled seamless tube.
    Steel grade: E355 (St 52.0)*
    Delivery condition: +SR (BK+S) / +AR
    Dimensional tolerances: Ø O.D. according to EN10305-1 (ex DIN 2391) for cold-drawn tubes. EN10297-1/EN10220 (ex DIN1629/DIN2448) for hot-rolled tubes. Ø I.D. ISO H8-H10 (see dimensional range).
    I.D. Roughness: max. Ra 0,4¦Ìm according to DIN EN ISO 4287/88.
    Straightness: between 0,5-1,00/1000mm.
    Eccentricity: according to  ISO 4394/1.

    Fields of applications:

    • Hydraulic machinery
    • Hydraulic cylinders for earth moving machine, wind mills and parabolic trough plants
    • Hydraulic accumulators
    • Cranes and lifting platforms

    * S355J2H (St 52-3N) and high-performance low carbon steel grades (HC460, HC540, HC620 and HC650) are available on request.

    Cold Drawn Cylinder Pipe 

    1¡¢ Product Features
    Liquid steel has high purity, excellent geometrical dimension and good performance for processing. 
    2¡¢ Production Range
    OD: 42mm¡«760mm                      WT: 4mm¡«120mm
    3 ¡¢Standard and Steel Grade
    Technical standards related to material: GB/T699, GB/T3077, EN10210, EN10297.
    Applicable technical standards for seamless pipe: GB/T8162, Q/OHAD032 or technical agreement.

    4 ¡¢Application Fields
    Cylinder pipe are mainly applied in hydraulic driving equipment (including hydraulic and pneumatic steel cylinder, hydraulic support, oil-well pumping barrel, and etc.) used for the manufacturing of vehicle, engineering machinery, lifting and
    transportation machinery and other machinery.

    High Strength Cylinder Pipe 
    1¡¢Product Features
    High strength cylinder pipe has high strength & tenacity, brittle fracture resistance and good weldability. S700 and S890 high strength cylinder pipes also have good hardenability and uniform performance after heat treatment. They are especially suitable for manufacturing high strength cylinders with large OD, medium & large wall thickness.
    2¡¢ Production Range
    OD: 42mm¡«760mm                      WT: 4mm¡«120mm
    3¡¢Standard and Steel Grade
    Technical standards: GB/T 8162, GB/T 17396 or technical agreement.

    4¡¢ Application Fields
    High strength cylinder pipe are mainly used for hydraulic support of coal collection face, hydraulic cylinder, engineering machinery, ship lock and offshore platform etc.

    Quality is basically no problem.

    Price is good.

    Packing is bad.

    Delivery is according to the contract and not delay.

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