Line Pipe

    Steel Grade:
    PSL 1:  L175/A25  L175P/A25P  L210/A  L245/B  L290/X42  L320/X46  L360/X52  L390/X56 L415/X60  L450/X65  L485/X70
    PSL 2:  L245R/BR  L290R/X42R  L245N/BN  L290N/X42N  L320N/X46N  L360N/X52N  L390N/X56N  L415N/X60N  L245Q/BQ  L290Q/X42Q  L320Q/X46Q      L360Q/X52Q  L390Q/X56Q  L415Q/X60Q  L450Q/X65Q  L485Q/X70Q

    API SPEC 5L 

    Pipeline is for transportation of gas, water and petroleum for the oil and natural gas industry.

    O.D.:  13.72mm - 914.0mm   , W.T.:1.25 mm-50 mm

    Packing is stable.                                                                                               ___Berg(Norway)

    Price is a little expensive, but the quality is very very good.
    Delivery is timely.
    The quality is nice.

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